21 Sep
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Magical Partnership

The name Disney conjures up great memories, summer afternoons in dark theaters filled with laughter, adventure, classic songs… and learning important life lessons from a cricket or a bear. Everybody loves Disney, the stories are part of who we are, our shared cultural heritage. For more than 10 years I’ve been honored to work with the folks at the Walt Disney Company, creating designs drawn from that incredible artistic tradition. It’s been a real labor of love. And as you’ll see in this video, my first goal in any Disney Traditions piece is to be true to the original character or scene. It is always first and foremost Disney! It’s only as you look closer that you see my touch, the quilt patterns and rosemaling designs I like to use in my art. It’s a combination that works, Disney with my style. Or at least I think so!

And like most folks, there’s a real personal connection with Disney and our family. It’s something we can all enjoy together, kids and grandkids, even fossils like me and Jan (don’t tell her I said that!). Especially around the holidays, everyone has their favorite Disney memory, a piece or ornament to put on the hearth or hang on the tree. At our house you can’t have Christmas without Disney! That’s what makes this new Jim Shore Platinum Star Retailer exclusive “Laughing All the Way” so special. I can see this one being a favorite of ours for many years to come.


I just bought my fifth Disney piece by Jim Shore! It’s the Mickey, Minnie and Pluto with the Cornucopia. It’s so cute! My other Disney pieces are Eeyore (which was autographed for me ), a Cinderella, a Belle, and Ariel! And I enjoy each of them I can’t decide if I like them MORE than my mom-Disney pieces though. Each piece I own speaks to a different part of my heart ❤️

I now have 117, the majority of them Disney. I LOVE the new Chip and Dale with the Candy Cane. Just amazing and wonderful. Can’t wait to get the Cornucopia!
Thanks for all your work, Jim!

I have around 130 pieces including many Disney Traditions. I love them all! I love seeing all the new designs and pieces yet to be released. It’s like Christmas every time I open one of those boxes. Thank you Jim for bringing so much joy to our lives

I love all the Disney pieces and put them out for the holidays. My grandsons love to look at them and dream of going to Disney again. The pieces bring such good memories out for all of us. Will these new pieces be available soon?

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