19 Nov
  • By Jim Shore
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Jim’s Cranberry Sauce Recipe

There’s a special magic about Thanksgiving. Some say it’s all about great food. The more high-minded will say it’s about shared memories with family and friends. I’m in the middle and feel strongly both ways! With that in mind here’s a cranberry recipe my mother used to make. And her mother before her. My family has enjoyed it for generations… and I’d like to share it with yours.


Definitely going to try this recipe for 2016 Thanksgiving recipe…looks yummy. Thank you for sharing your recipe!

Going to try recipe for Christmas when family visiting. Thanks for sharing.

Sounds delicious, I’ve got a bunch coming. Thirteen grandchildren, their parents and sweet hearts. I will make this one of our traditions. Thanks Mr Shore. I have lots of your work. I especially like the angels.

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