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Jim Shore’s Granddaughter’s School Report

I’ve seen my art displayed in a lot of wonderful places…fine homes and fabulous cathedrals, some art museums and a few state capitols. There’s even a piece or two in the White House! But this is really special! Here’s my granddaughter Lilah preparing for her school report on Christmas in Russia using one of my Santas. Now that’s important! I couldn’t be prouder!


Oh she is so cute and so smart. Today I purchased one of your snowman tree ornaments with a deer painted on it. Very nice. Merry Christmas.

She is just beautiful, grandchildren are a wonder to behold, they make you feel so proud, merry Christmas from the land down under Wellington New Zealand, dear Jim it’s time to make a New Zealand santa I need one for my collection sending love to you and yours

Thanks for sharing such a wonderful moment. Seeing how cherished this relationship is and the importance placed on learning about other cultures is especially joyous in these times and is such a blessing. Merry Christmas, Happy holidays…..joy, kindness, love, happiness and health to you and yours in whatever your family celebrates!

OMG!! Soooo smart & precious!! Such a BLESSING to your family. A wonderful MEMORY videoed for your family’s album. May GOD BLESS YOUR ENTIRE FAMILY!!!

I loved Liliah’s report! She is adorable!

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