10 Feb
  • By Jim Shore
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A Gift For My Valentine

My mother collected roosters. We had a house full of them, everything from a rooster lamp to rooster baking dish to rooster curtains in the kitchen. We even had a big carved rooster on the porch. When the wind blew hard he’d fall over and block the front door. So when I was a kid for special occasions like Mother’s Day or Valentine’s I’d always draw her a picture of a rooster. She took on over them so much, made such a fuss, that I kept doing it long after I could afford a real gift. It became a family tradition! When she passed away a few years back I found a drawer full of them. She’d apparently saved them all. That woman sure loved roosters! And me.

Now my wife Jan collects Disney, and we have a house full of that! And every year, though I can (and do) get her other stuff, I always give her one of my Disney designs for Valentine’s Day. Like the roosters, it’s become sort of a family tradition. And like my mother with the rooster drawings, she takes on over them, makes such a fuss, and I believe she’s saved them all! This year she’s getting this lovesick Eeyore, I’m sure he’ll be a big hit. That woman sure loves Disney! And me. I’m a lucky man.


Awww…so sweet! Love the story and your work! HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY!

Such a beautiful story!! So much love!! And thanks to you… Lots of other people have the pleasure of giving your beautiful artwork to their loved ones xoxox


Happy Valentine’s Day Jim and to your family I loved reading your story your art work is amazing thank you!

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