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Sleeping Beauty

I’m a sucker for romance. And of course I’m a big Disney fan! Here’s a short video combining the two. It’s a description of my new Sleeping Beauty design shot in my kitchen in South Carolina by my daughter Robin. There, now it combines 4 or 5 of my favorite things!


I love this, beautiful work, you are so creative!!

This piece is truly breath taking. It’s exquisite and I waited with bated breath on the preorder list and I got it as soon as it was released. You have to see it in person and really look at all the details to appreciate the craftsmanship and artistry that went into this piece and touch it to because the texture and etching is amazing. The colours and painting are just beautiful and it’s a treasured piece in my collection! Thank you Mr. Shore and your team for a piece that literally delights on so many levels! And their faces are movie perfect! Even Auroras hair spills all around her like an angel so lovely! I am a huge Disney history buff and love finding out about the people who created the art that moves me. I loved that Mr. Shore spoke of the beautiful background art and animation of this beloved movie as it was groundbreaking and inspired generations of artists. From music to animation to costuming to amazing voice acting this movie has it all. Eyvind Earle and Iwao Takamoto (backgrounds) and the Great artists Marc Davis (Maleficent, Aurora), Milt Kahl (Prince Phillip), Frank Thomas and Ollie Johnston (flora, fauna and Merryweather), Eric Larson (king Hubert/king Stephan), Mary Costa (the voice of Aurora), George Bruns ( musical score) are just a few of the collaborators that made this movie such a masterpiece. This figurine called “The spell is broken”-released September 2016, 7.25″ H x 10″ L, $85 but it looks like limited quantities are left on JimShore.com so get it while you can because it is one of the best pieces from the Sleeping Beauty Disney Traditions collection ever released!

Will Jim be making a special signing appearance at Disney for this piece

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