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    This forum is for us to ask Mr. Shore to please design a Disney Traditions Mr. Toads Wild a Ride figurine and for Disney Showcase to approve it and Enesco to produce it! There have been a small handful of amazing pieces made by various Disney artists and I would love to see Mr. Shore work his artistry and magic on this! What do you guys think is this something you would want as well?

    Here are some pieces I have collected over the years and I think a Disney Traditions Mr. Toad would be the Holy Grail piece I have wanted since I first started collecting Disney Traditions.

    My first Mr. Toad piece was this wonderful Disney Big Fig. I adore it.


    This is the concept design released by Kevin Kidney on his blog in 2012 for this fig they created around 2001.


    My second Mr. Toad figurine from the room for one more event. This can also be found in the graveyard at the Haunted Mansion in a Disneyworld. Here it is..




    this was the production model but I wish they would have actually made this in a medium big fig in these colours and design….I would love this as a Disney Traditions piece! Here is the Actual Harmony Kingdom version which I love as well …just great!



    I got this fig last year for 2016 D23. There was a Bronze version as well see below….but I liked the coloured version better.



    This is the amazing WDCC version which I think would be am amazing Disney a Traditions piece….this is just gorgeous…and so whimsical one of my favourite pieces ever created by Disney period!


    This is the most amazing snow globe that I think would be an amazing carved by heart piece by Mr. Shore and it’s two sided here’s the back….


    But I also believe that a carved by heart with the judge on his podium on the backside pointing down and using glow in the dark highlights would be amazing and The from front side could be Toad in his Jalopy surrounded by characters from the ride like moley and winky like below
    But the fig could be designed like the Snow White carved by heart called the one that started them all.

    Can’t you just see the Toad fig in this format???

    Anyway what do you guys think?….would you like to have a Disney traditions version of Mr. Toads Wild Ride?

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    • This topic was modified 11 months ago by  Julie.

    The Judge on the back would look like this….

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