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    Growing up in the South I have always loved the movie Song Of The South. I know there has been a lot of controversy but it would be fun to at least have the characters from the movie such as Brer Rabbit, Brer Fox, Brier Bear, etc. added to the Disney Traditions Collection.


    I have to say I totally agree with you. I am a big fan of Song of the South characters and used to sing the songs as a child, wanted to run away with Brer Rabbit and was read the Uncle Remus stories by my great grandpa and adored the movie. I collect all the figurines I can like Kevin Kidney and Jody daily’s figurine pictured below as well as the Walt Disney Classics collection pieces and Harmony Kingdom pieces and hope Disney Traditions will do a Splash Mountain piece. I love the website which talks about the history of the movie, the respect we should give to people’s feelings on the time portrayed and the way characters were portrayed but also some other very important information about the movie itself in the overview section….and gives details on collectibles throughout its history. I personally think we should acknowledge it’s place in history for all its faults, stereotypes, and it did attempt though not successfully to most people to try and address social issues of the day. Like Gone with the Wind and The Great Locomotive chase it has its place in history. But I also agree that you should look at it from the perspective it was meant…the perspective of a child and inturn look at it with the innocence and perspective the intention was meant with. The characters are part of a treasured Disney history….with all the lessons it taught as well as lessons that we have learned from time, perspective, story telling, awareness and progress. These characters have also moved on and become more than a movie they have become a part of the fabric of Disney Parks history as integral parts of Splash Mountain legacy so we should not label them as political or social injustices but as friends of that global ambassador of friendship Mickey Mouse. I would buy a Disney Traditions figurine of Song of the South yesterday! Thanks for bringing it up bbarber303……I have also added some figs below from the movie that I have and treasure if your looking for great Song of the South collectibles.





    Miss Juli,

    Thank you so much for the response! I appreciate you taking the time and enjoyed reading your perspective. I too have the Big Fig by Kevin Kidney and Jody Daily as well some of the Walt Disney Classics Collection pieces, movie poster, vinyl records, postage stamps, etc. for Song Of The South. Hopefully Mr. Shore will give it consideration. Fingers crossed!



    Wow Bobby! That sounds like quite a collection. Hope you’ll share some pictures of your Jim Shore and Disney collection with the group soon! I too am a big Disney collector Mr. Toad is a particular favourite of mine and I hope Mr. Shore will do a Mr. Toads Wild ride piece. Since he has done many of the ride pieces so far which I have done a forum here in the Disney group I hope he’ll continue on and do the following ride tribute pieces especially with some getting their own live action movies upcoming:
    -Splash mountain..need Brer Rabbit, Brer fox, brer bear, Brer frog, vultures and maybe mother possum….in the Briar patch
    -Mr. Toads wild ride….classic toad in a Jalopy or even toad in his Jalopy in front of Toad Hall in carved by heart format or a carved by heart of Toad in smaller version of the Jalopy surrounded by all the characters like Ratty, Moley, MacBadger, Cyril, Winky, or Weasel fire place on one side and then the judge in his pew with flames all up the back on the back side of the fig Would make an amazing carved by heart.
    – Frontierland…a carved by heart of Big Thunder Mountain Railroad train and some scenery of the ride done by Jim Shore would be amazing!
    -Jungle Cruise …(how cool would the Congo Queen or Amazon Belle with Skipper in classic uniform and hippos in the water maybe in a carved by heart version.
    -Tiki room…with Fritz, Michael and Pierre the Parrots and Tikis …awesome!
    -Country Bears Jamboree!
    -Main street fig with…shops windows…and perhaps a horse and carriage and maybe a Gibson girl?
    -Something from tomorrow land….though I think the Astro orbiter in a 8-12 inch fig with Jim Shore flourishes all over would be fabulous!

    And finally would love to have a Walt Disney train station building/train and some of the beautiful grounds!

    What about you guys what would be on your wish list?!

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