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    Welcome to the Jim Shore Circle of Friends! We’d like to help you feel at home in this community of friends and tailor your online experience to focus on the topics and discussions that matter most to you.

    Below is a guide to the different areas of the site that will help us get to know you better and let you find Friends with similar interests.

    Home Page


    On this page, you will see the site wide activity including:


    1. Member activity (sort by newest, recent, popular)

    To learn more about a new member, click on their name to see their photos, posts on the site and general profile


    1. Groups (sort by newest, recently active, most popular)
      1. Find Friends with similar interests, in your region of the country, etc.
      2. Create your own group if you’d like to find Friends with a similar interest to share ideas and stories, ask questions, etc.
      3. Clicking on a group name will take you to a page that shows discussions in that  group
      4. Create a new topic by typing in a title in the “Topic Title” field and then click the field below to write questions or begin a discussion regarding that topic; be sure to click the box to “Notify me of follow-up replies” if you want to receive an e-mail notification that someone has added a comment about the topic; don’t forget to press the submit button for your topic to post on the site
      5. Reply to topics by typing in the field below the Topic Title and pressing the submit button


    1. Who’s Online
      1. see a list of other Friends currently online
      2. Click on the member icon to take you to more information about the Friend


    1. Site Activity
      1. Use the center section of this page to post new messages in a group and update your profile with a photo or video
      2. Use the drop down menu (double arrows) to select where you want your message to appear (profile, group)
      3. Click on the “add photo or video” button and then selecting the media you would like to upload to add an image or video to the site.

    My Profile


    Access your profile page by clicking on the user icon at the top right hand corner of the screen


    Activity:  Track activity surrounding your profile from this main profile page including:

    Mentions: see when other members have mentioned you in a group, discussion, or post

    Favorites: see posts you have marked as favorites

    Friends: see activity from fellow members that you have designated as friends

    Groups: see activity from the groups you have joined




    Check which fields are publicly viewable to other members

    Edit information on your profile and update what is and is not publicly viewable by clicking “change” next to the “This field can be seen by” statement and select from the following:

    Update your profile picture by clicking “Change Profile Photo” and uploading the desired photo

    Update the large image of your profile page by clicking “Change Cover Photo” and uploading the desired photo


    Notifications: See all notifications here (including friend requests and acceptance of sent requests)

    Sort by read (those which have already been viewed)

    and unread (those which have not been viewed)



    Send messages to other members by pressing compose and entering the desired recipient’s username

    View sent messages

    View messages from other members

    Star a message by clicking the star icon next to a message – you can then easily view your favorite messages by filtering by starred


    Friends: See all friends, send private messages to friends and see requests for friends

    Groups: groups you belong to as well as groups you have been invited to join



    See responses to discussion topics you’ve started and how many people have posted on this topic

    See a summary of the replies you’ve made to other topics and which topics you’ve starred as favorites

    Subscribe to topics to track the topic easily through your profile



    Upload photos, videos and music

    Organize media in albums and view all that you have uploaded



    Change your password

    Update email notification settings (the default is to receive email for all notifications)

    Update visibility of the profile fields (i.e. last name, phone number, age)

    Delete an account than is no longer needed



      Join a group by clicking on the group name and then clicking the join group button under the photo at the top of the page


    View general group activity from home screen

    View all topics associated with the group by clicking “forum”

    See all members of the group

    See all the media (photos/video) posted to the group


    You can create a group too!  Simply click on by clicking the “create a group” button and follow the steps:

    Name and describe the group

    Select privacy settings

    Create a group forum to communicate with members

    Upload an image to use for the group profile and cover image (header on the page)

    Invite friends to join



    See a listing of topics and the number of posts for each topic

    Create a new discussion within a discussion group by clicking on the group and then navigating down the page to the “create a new topic” section

    Title the topic and write body text to ask questions or share more information about the topic

    You can tag the topic with searchable words in the topic tags field

    Respond to a discussion topic by clicking on the discussion topic and navigating down to the “reply to” field

    Subscribe to a topic by clicking into the discussion topic and then clicking the words “subscribe” on the top right side of the screen.  To unsubscribe, click the words “unsubscribe”. 

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