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    And of course our favorite Jim Shore Disney Traditions figs themed for Easter will be tucked about everywhere! And everyone is getting a Jim Shore Disney carved egg to go home with on Sunday and we hand painted the date, their name and favorite Bible verse number on back of each carved egg along with some chocolate eggs!
    • I think I’ll come to your house for Easter. Noone in my family even knows who Jim Shore is; they don’t collect anything!

    • Lol that’s funny Diane… My whole family and my closest friends all know who Mr. Shore is because that’s what they get me for birthdays and Christmas gifts lol Everyone in our family has something they love to collect from hockey cards-my dad, baseball cards-my cousin, Asian pottery-my mom, Star Wars collectibles-my brother,my nephew and myself lol….poodles-my grandmother lol lol I don’t know how she keeps finding them but literally every poodle out there that needs rescuing has found a home with her lol. I think it’s fun to have a passion as long as it doesn’t end up weird and being an episode of hoarders or my strange addiction lol lol. Happy Easter…….my turkeys in the oven already and I’m waiting for everyone to show up after church lol!


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