• do I need to “purchase” every year in order to get that new year’s special piece? I’ve not received anything about a renewal option, so I thought I’d ask. Thanks!

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    So does anyone know what happened on QVC late last week when they offered Jim’s new Christmas hats as part of an auto-delivery? And then within HOURS they had pulled it, even after some ordered were “confirmed.” I sure hope they’ve just pulled it temporarily and that the offering will come back again. Please share what you know? THANKS!

    • Hey Cindy did you contact QVC customer service or try the Enesco customer service contact info listed below? If so Did they give you any info??…as QVC is its own platform so if they had a promo and pulled it they either did it while quantities lasted or there could have been a problem with the merchant like misspelling or quality control…or…[Read more]

    • I believe they were offering advance orders for delivery in September.

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    So by now y’all probably know about this new piece that Jim will be signing at D23 in Anaheim in a couple of weeks. It is advertised as a “Disney Parks exclusive.” Looking for confirmation that this will indeed be available in the parks as his annual “parks exclusive” like he has done in previous years. Who knows that? Also, what will the retail…

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    • This piece is selling for $65.00 at the D23 Expo 2017. Limit one per person. But it has not been confirmed to the public yet to sell after the event in the parks. The current park featured piece of the season is Figment which was released in May. Many artists create figurines that are limited edition only sold at the Expo. So I am not sure yet.…[Read more]

  • Does anyone know if in fact there’s correlation between the two? I’ve always assumed that it was “normal” for a piece to have a date of 2015 on the bottom of it (along with the copyright info) but then be released in early/mid 2016. Who knows what triggers the manf date? Is it the date it starts into production, the date Jim “finalizes” his…[Read more]

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    Does anyone know the item # for the Platinum Star retailer special Santa piece that Jim showed on his last fireside chat? It’s the one where Santa is holding a garland of crystals. Thanks!

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    Customer Service helped me today. All fixed!

  • Jim mentioned on the webcast that only Platinum Star Retailers would get that gorgeous Santa with the crystal ornaments……anyone know how I can get a list of these retailers? The list of retailers on the Jim Shore site doesn’t designate levels….Thanks!

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    I still can’t access it, even after receiving a phone message and email reply that the “technical issue has been resolved” – NOT

    • Are you getting into the inner circle area? once in there click on “webcast’ and scroll down and you should find the 9/30 video. It has worked for me a few times today

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    so I’m pretty frustrated right now….. I’m logged in as “Inner Circle” but I can’t access the Webcast…..UGH!!!

  • Cindy posted an update 1 year, 2 months ago

    A photo from our most recent visit with Jim in California Adventure, December 2016. What an incredibly nice, genuine, kind man he is!