• Lisa posted an update 1 year, 1 month ago

    I got a email today and their asking for your information on here and its the 3rd time on here I got one .please be careful.

    • Customer service is great about deleting and kicking spammers of this site. Just let them know and they will handle it…like yesterday someone spammed me an by this morning Nathan and his team had already removed them! But good words of caution Lisa!..do not click on any links or email private info to a personal email address of someone you don’t know…its just basic Internet safety.

      • I think I may have received this type of e-mail this morning. It was the second one from this same person asking me for my email and also to contact them through their e-mail. It was sent as a private message and said that they had something to tell me. I did not respond.

        • I got the same email the other day. When I checked the site they said the person account had been deleted.


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