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    Well, I was wondering, can a person order from you, or do you have to go where a store sells your product? Also, do you have Christmas ornaments, my granddaughter is expecting, and I’d like to start a collection of ornaments. I know last Christmas, out at our MAFB vase exchange, there was a very few Christmas items, and there was only two items one Ibreally wanted, and when I went back, both were gone. I’m not going to miss out again! That’s why I joined the group. But I’d love to see a collection of Christmas items, baby items, and the dog collection. We have a German Shepherd. She is an awesome baby! She’s getting older now, is 8 yrs old. And I only saw 3 dogs, and wondered what the other 2 were. Better get going. Hopefully you can answer my questions. Also, I need to find the nearest place to me that sells your products. Id like to order from you, if possible. I have bad knees and back, and hips. Makes shopping a little harder these days. Thanks for your help.

    • Hi Susan the moderator here seems to only interact if you contact them about problems on this site. So maybe I can help. Enesco which runs this site as you know makes all of Jim Shores product. They have a website called http://www.egiftstudio.com that they sell all his product on and in many cases depending on the size of your order you can get free shipping. Also http://www.jimshore.com which is Jim Shores website normally posts a lot of seasonal items…but the best time actually to buy a lot of new release Christmas items are when they are released in the summer believe it or not….as many times as you get closer to Christmas a lot of items are already sold out or double the price! There are also some very, very good online retailers that sell Jims entire line and they will actually find what you want them too just by sending them an email….a lot of the platinum star Jim shore retailers are great at this….sellers like http://www.colbycollectibles.com as an example but if you want to see them in person and drive to a brick and mortar location then put your postal code in the store finder below and it will let you know what locations are closest to you that carry his lines. You can also call the Enesco customer service number below and they could direct you to an Enesco rep in you area that can tell you which store is carrying the biggest selection of product you are looking for so you can save your legs and of course gas and get to the retailer that will actually have what you need. There is also a great bunch of people on this site who update the groups on sales and new releases and then you. might also find a Jim Shore buddy in your area that will hunt for great finds or deals with you! I hope this helps a little but maybe someone else from the group has some tips or ideas to share with you as well! Good luck and welcome!


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