wondering what Jim will come up with next?

Take a sneak peek at Jim’s latest sketches and new releases to be arriving in stores soon.

Arriving in February…

Majestic ocean scenes comes alive with Jim Shore’s Wonderland designs featuring bright, beautiful colors and shimmery glitter accents.

Coming next Spring…

Perfect Gifts for Mother’s Day!

Coming in Spring…

Open the door to Jim’s Barn to reveal a beautiful country scene.

Coming next Spring…

Open the door to Jim’s Potter’s Shed to reveal a beautiful garden scene

Arriving Christmas 2017…

Jim Shore’s River’s End coastal Christmas combines the familiar look of weathered wood, stone, rope and tin finishes to create charming new designs. This Santa with Seahorse features multi-media elements and a delightful seashell sleigh.

Arriving Christmas 2017…

This beautiful Christmas Angel enjoys a peaceful moment outside on a crisp winter day.

Arriving in Christmas 2017…

This Victorian boy is putting the finishing touches on his snowman.

Arriving Christmas 2017…

Celebrate the wonder of nature with Jim Shore’s new White Woodland Snowman Statue.


Love, love, love what’s ahead for 2017.

Love the Potter’s shed…so much detail.

can’t wait for the white Santa with the animals; absolutely love all the figurines with animals. And the blue bird and skunk figurines. As you can see, I adore animals in your line.

I want them all ,I so love the Xmas ones ,santas and Angels,anthe the garden scenes!


I love them all, especially the White Woodland Santa and the Bluebird

So lovely, I saw the beautiful Mulan storybook sketch you shared with us on Facebook. Will you share other Disney sketches or teasers of other Disney figurines with us here? It’s so wonderful to see the concept art before production. I know if I find you have shared a sketch online I like to print the concept art and put it with the piece …seeing how the piece was adapted or edited to suit the medium is so interesting and getting to see what you originally envisioned really adds another level and let’s us see it through your artists eyes! To say I love your work is an understatement so I will just say thank you for all that you do and represent!

Love the Rivers End – I don’t think I realized this was a collection and will be looking for!! Love the fish and snowmen also!

I love all but the angel with cardinals is my favorite and the doors are wonderful. Love your creations and have so many.

Never got a code for my membership. Or could find where it was send, if send.

I love the white wonderland series but PLEASE add a cat to one of them!!!!!!!!

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