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Suzette M from Minneola, Florida

Very First Signature from Jim

I first met Jim Shore in November of 2009. My first purchase was the Beauty and The Beast Christmas ornament set. When I first went to Jim’s signing it was at The Art of Disney at Walt Disney World where he signed the box top and the Lumiere ornament in the set. Since then Jim has become a part of our Christmas tradition. The holiday session officially kicks off for us with Jim’s visit to Florida. We meet him every November at Walt Disney World. His signing in Florida usually falls on my birthday which makes it even more fun when we plan our day. Our family has gone to Jim’s signings in Epcot and The Art of Disney. At the event we have him sign our newest piece.
My collection of Jim Shore pieces is not only limited to my own. After the first signing my daughter’s family started their collection growing so that they could bring pieces for Jim to sign each year. I started my twin granddaughters, who are now 11 years old, with the snow globe of Santa bending over the crib. Since then I buy them each a new piece every year and then we have that one signed.
In November of 2016 Jim signed all the remaining Beauty and The Beast Christmas ornaments so now my set is complete. He even signed the box. We have many of his pieces including Christmas themed, Halloween and many Disney characters.
It is always such a great day when we get to see Jim and have our pieces signed. He is so nice and warm to each guest as they visit with him. We love hearing his stories about different pieces as we have him sign. Jim has become part of our family through the years.