Jim Shore Ocean Wonderland

Jim Shore Coca-Cola Partnership

Jim Shore Peanuts Partnership

Jim Shore It’s A Small World

Jim Shore Heartwood Creek 15th Anniversary Speech

Jim’s Story

Winter Wonderland

Jim Shore Inner Circle of Friends

Jim Shore Angels

Jim Shore’s Cranberry Sauce Recipe

Jim Shore’s Baby Crib Project

Jim’s Secret Chili Recipe

What Patriotism Means to Me

Halloween Decorating – DIY Pumpkin

Jim’s Rose Collection

Jim’s Signature

Disney Partnership

Walking Into QVC

Pre Green Room at QVC

Getting a Mic at QVC

Studio Walk at QVC

Summer Trip to Italy

Interior of St.Peter's Basilica

Palatine Hills – Rome, Italy

Colosseum - Rome, Italy

The Duomo - Florence, Italy

Duomo di Orvieto

Duomo di Orvieto Interior

Jim’s Studio Floor

Behind The Scenes of Jim Shore Introduction

Jim Shore Introduction