17 Feb
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Shows Next Week

Next week starts off pretty busy. First off, on Monday beginning at 12 pm ET, we’ll have our next Inner Circle of Friends Fireside Chat. These chats are always great fun, a chance to exchange ideas and talk about new designs and directions. And I’m particularly looking forward to this one! I have a few new ideas to share and a special sneak peek I want to show you. If you haven’t gotten your kit or activated your membership now would be a good time! Click on the link to see how. I think you’ll really enjoy the Inner Circle.

After that I’m off to QVC for my annual Spring/Easter show Tuesday morning at 6 am ET. I get asked a lot about being on QVC. What it’s like, am I scared, do I worry about spinach stuck in my teeth… that sort of thing. Truth is I’m pretty comfortable with being on TV these days. Not that I’m feeling like Jimmy Fallon, but I don’t get cold sweats or stutter uncontrollably any more. At least not much. That’s because the people there are great and they’ve done a wonderful job of making me feel at ease. A lot of them are more than co-workers to me. They’ve become friends.

And like the Fireside Chats what I like best about being on QVC is the chance to connect with people. Sometimes the conversation is funny. Sometimes it’s very moving, like the woman who kept one of my Angels nearby because it reminded her of her mother. And sometimes it’s all about the art, I’m sure this time around we’ll be talking a lot about designs for Easter, including my 13th annual Basket. But it’s always a great time. So tune in if you can, or better yet call too! It’s always great to hear from friends.


Please please…whenever we have a fireside chat please have your Enesco team list the item number of the beautiful figurines you are featuring with their proper figurine names, also release dates on a page or link with the fireside chat so that people can find them easily or know when they can purchase them. Also differentiate if the item is a QVC exclusive or will be available on Jimshore.com or egiftstudio.com so it’s clear for shoppers looking for those items please. As it seems to be the first series of questions posted after a fireside chat and people want to preorder if they can right away so they don’t miss out! Thanks so much for all you all do! Keep up the amazing work!

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