24 Mar
  • By Jim Shore
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See How A New Peanuts Design Begins

Here’s a Peanuts project I really had some fun with! And we thought it would be interesting to give everyone an inside look at how we do things at my studio. It’s a look at my design process, how I approach new art, with a little drawing lesson thrown in. Thanks to my daughter Robin for her direction and camera work. Her arms were pretty tired by the end! You don’t realize just how heavy a camera is until you have to hold it steady for half an hour!


Great vlog Mr. Shore and Ms. Robin! Getting to watch your process is so interesting and getting to see you design your art is very, very cool! Thank you for sharing! The Peanuts Christmas train looks amazing…..just a note I don’t know if it’s there or not from the sketch but at the Linus decorating the Chrustmas tree part of the Train….Linus needs his blanket tucked in somewhere lol lol please keep the vlogs coming..We love them! Thanks again for all you do!

Love it can’t wait!!! Love to see more peanuts Christmas! I think the blanket it around the bottom of the tree.

I love this idea and cant wait to see the finished product. Will you be selling on Qvc ? Love your work ♡ Ithink the blanket is at the base of the tree Juli…
♡ Sue

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