07 Apr
  • By Jim Shore
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New Canadian Moose

Here’s something new I think you’ll really like!


I love this moose and bought him right away when he first came out. I wish he would have been as big as Manfred Moose released in 2012 but all the details on the base of the home range and gorgeous antlers details makes this a must have not only for Canadians but nature lovers as well. I think it would be cool in the future to do an iconic animal series from each country like the national animal of that country and then a percentage of sales going to protect that animal. Or maybe partner with the world wildlife federation and do a yearly piece where a percentage of sales would go to protection of the animal and its habitat. Might be very cool to do some good with the purchase of a figurine. Thanks Mr. Shore for all you do! You bring such joy and inspiration with your art!

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