08 May
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Meet Figment

I’ll be traveling to Disneyworld this week, May 12-13, for some special signing events and the debut of my new Figment design. This one is really special to me, he’s the personification (if you can say that about a dragon!) of creativity and imagination, things we probably all should use more in our lives. Plus he’s purple! Here’s a short video my daughter Robin shot of me talking about Figment. Take a look!


So, so, so excited about this figurine! The first figment done by Mr. Shore! He’s PINK and soooooo adorable! THANK YOU MR. SHORE! The presolds solds out too fast on the Disney site and I was disappointed that scalpers were pre selling him on eBay for double the price maybe limit one per person next time instead of two so more people have a chance to get him as he sold out quick or let people know when or if he will go on sale again after the event on disneystore.com so you don’t have so many disappointed people…I hope in future that being a member of Jim Shore Circle of friends will feature a prepurchase option of park exclusive figurines before anyone else etc as this should be a big perk for membership. I think people would pay for the membership just for that option to have access to buying new releases first…or exclusive figurines like platinum star etc. It wouldn’t be hard to hook egiftstudio up here to take care of the transactions and shipment processing. I love that some of the “other” characters are being done which is amazing for people that love to collect your work…I hope more sidekicks and ride/park characters will be on Mr. Shores radar as I love the king Trition coming out, the Mushu coming out, the Mulan storybook figurine….I hope to see a Mr. Toad from Mr. Toads Wild Ride soon, a Grimsby and Chef Louie from the Little Mermaid, a coachman and Donkeys from Pinocchio, Maybe someone Moana figurines…we have been putting ideas in the Disney Traditions group in the forum section, broken down by movie title hopefully to give Mr. Shore some more inspiration and to let Disney Traditions/Showcase and Enesco what characters we are wishing for!

hi; i tried to buy this also but was too late. i tried on may 12 and 13th. it was not even listed. i think those who have membership in your inner circle should have an opportunity to get advance notice and the ability to buy. thank you, claudia

I know that the figment figurine sold out the same weekend it was released but question is : is this the only release ? Just the 500 ? Or will there be more released later on. Need to know so that I can either wait for another release or have to buy one off a scalper ?

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