25 May
  • By Jim Shore
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Ft. Bragg Sculpture Dedication

This week I had the honor to attend the dedication of a statue I created for the Headquarters, United States Army Special Operations Aviation Command at Fort Bragg, NC. I was literally surrounded by heroes, brave men and women who’ve dedicated their lives and given so much to keep us safe and free. It was one of the most inspirational days of my life, something I will treasure always and keep close to my heart. The video below is a portion of my speech to the troops. And below that is the event program with a description of some of the symbolism included in the design. One thing I’ll call to your attention, while most of the piece is bronze, the head of the Centaur’s arrow is forged from stainless steel recovered from one of the Blackhawk helicopters downed at Mogadishu. It was an indescribable gift to work with such precious metal. The statue is my gift back, in honor of their sacrifice and all the Special Operations Forces here and around the world. May God bless them and keep them.

Click Here for Photos From the Event

Dedication Program


Congrats to Mr. Shore and family on the dedication of your beautiful statue at Fort Bragg. A great tribute piece to our service men and women. Thank you to our active duty soldiers, veterans and those who have made the ultimate sacrifice for our freedoms we are grateful and proud…and thank you Mr. Shore for your support, respect and honouring of our troops!

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