27 Jul
  • By Jim Shore
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Margaritaville by Jim Shore

Who doesn’t love Jimmy Buffet? I know I do! I was recently asked to collaborate on his Margaritaville line and jumped at the chance. Here’s a short video shot in my South Carolina studio (a.k.a. Margaritaville North) talking about the collection. Let me know what you think! And for the sharp-eyed among you, there’s a piece in the background that I mentioned last week on QVC, one that I keep up year-round. Anybody spot it?


These are fantastic and there are so many Jimmy Buffet fans. So happy you were able to do this. But m never surprised when you get to collaborate with something new. You design such great pieces that everyone loves them. You had such a great gift from God and I am so thankful that he gave you your amazing talent.

As for the piece from QVC, you didn’t need to mention it to me…I saw it before I read what you wrote. Always love your work!!!

God Bless you and always safe travels and warm thoughts!

Jimmy Buffet’s music always puts a smile on my face, just like ALL of your incredible pieces. As for the Cardinals, I noticed them immediately. Big, happy smile. Safe travels … hope to see you!!!!

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