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Meet Jim At A Signing Event

I love to travel. I never get tired of it and I always seem to learn something new on every trip. It doesn’t matter if it’s my tenth time to Disneyland or the first time to Banff, it’s all great. There’s always something interesting to do or fun to see. So I get excited when we start putting together my event schedule every year, I look forward to it!

But more than just the travel, I love the chance to meet and talk with the people I actually work for. I can get pretty isolated working alone in a studio every day! It gets my creative juices flowing to hear your thoughts about subject matter or patterning or color choices. You’d be surprised to hear just how much of my finished art starts out in that kind of conversation. And it’s important (and inspirational) to me to hear how my work becomes a part of people’s lives and families. It’s humbling to hear how people display my work in their home, and an honor to know they think enough of it to give it to someone they love. We’ve finalized my travel for this year – click here to see a complete list and view photos from past events. All we have left to post are times for Disneyland and Disney World, and those are worth waiting for. So if you’re in the neighborhood of one of our events, please come out! I’d love to meet you.

God Bless,
Jim Shore


Oh! Mr. Shore my family and I are so very excited you are making the trip up to Banff in beautiful Alberta Canada. We are proud Albertans and hope you have a wonderful visit to our bonny province. Hopefully you will be able to make a trip up the famed Banff Gondola the views are so inspirational and as someone who has traveled and lived all over the globe it’s truly one of the must dos for beautiful vistas. There is art to see at the Canada Art Gallery an interesting place to see local artists and of course the Columbia ice field and Athabasca Glacier for the adventurous! There are Day excursions with amazing white water rafting, helicopters tours to view the amazing scenery and Grizzly bear tours…but remember under no circumstance please don’t feed the wild life to keep them and your family safe! Then there’s the indulgent and relaxing Spas and Hot Springs which are AMAAAZING! And if you are a foodie the Grizzly house is a unique dining experience with exotic meats like alligator and ostrich and local Alberta meats like rattlesnake, bison and venison hopefully you will have a chance to experience it. We of course are making a special trip up to see you in person and meet you for the FIRST time and are sooo looking forward to meeting you and have already prepurchased our figurines for the signing from the amazing team at The Spirit of Christmas store! Thank you again for making the trip up here because your Canadian fans adore you too! And as a huge Disney Traditions fan with over 210 pieces I will be begging you for a Mr. Toads Wild ride piece and a Disney Dodo from Alice in Wonderland please please please…..

Glad you’re going to meet Mr Shore, Julie.

Don’t forget to request Ichabod Crane, Gunpowder & Headless Horseman (in larger size) for this years Halloween!!

Have a nice time!!

Thanks Dee I will! Thank you so much for your kind words. Have you had the chance to meet him yet?…everyone seems to have such an amazing time when they go to a signing so we are so looking forward to it! Ichabod and Gunpowder would be an amazing fig. We have put in the Disney group on this Circle of Friends site and broken down by movie in the forum section our wish lists for future Jim Shore creations. Mr. Toad, Dodo and Ichabod are definitely in the top three on the wish list so come on in and join the group if you havent already! I have dreamed of a carved by heart of all the Characters from Mr. Toads Wild Ride surrounding Toad in his Jalopy and on the Back side the wicked Judge with glow in the dark paint lol and a Dodo warming himself by the fire in a carved by heart smoking his pipe with a light up fire and surrounded by all the sea creatures. We also are hoping for a Walrus and the Carpenter with baby oysters carved by heart from Alice in Wonderland…..a back to back fig of Ratigan and Basil from the Great Mouse Detective, Mulan and Khan and a back to back figurine of Shan Yu (with hayabusa the falcon on his shoulder) and Chi Fu on the other side, Maurice holding a lantern riding Phillipe from Beauty and the Beast, and of course the hunt scene riders from the animated section of the Mary Poppins Movie and some penguin waiters and finally a carved by heart with two sides of the animal soccer team from Bedknobs and Broomsticks….and maybe a third carved by heart to go with it of the undersea dancing characters from the “beautiful briny sea” scene and would love the sailor bear that fishes from Bedknobs and Broomsticks with the famous sign that says ” No peopling allowed”….these would be fantastic figs I know people including myself have also wished for the following individual figs forever of Gaston from Beauty and the beast with the Babette’s and Le Fou (could be a carved by heart too) ….and Grimsby and Chef Louis and a back to back fig with Ursula on one side Vanessa on the other side and their matching enchanted sea shell necklaces could light up or glow in the dark from The Little Mermaid, then a carved by heart of Peter Pan and the Mermaids and …..A back to back of king Stephan and King Hubert from Sleeping Beauty…..or a Carved by heart of them toasting Scumps at the great dining table with the drunk minstrel and his lute in the front….and A carved by heart of Prince Phillip and Samson in a gallop or when Samson dumped Phillip in the stream maybe holding phillips red cap in his mouth lol lol would be soooo awesome. and some limited release or park exclusives of Baby Moana holding the Leaf over the Baby Turtle…Or Grandmother Tala carved by heart with a glow in the dark sting ray on her back and or in the water dancing and the piece could play the song she sings….and we need a Grandmother Fa with Cricke.We also need another Jim Shore Big Fig and I think it should be Pinocchio with Donkey Ears which would be fantastic…..and then lastly I think the pumpkin coach Mr. Shore did with the horse from Cinderella is fantastic so what about doing the Coachmen and Coach being pulled by a couple of Donkeys from Pinocchio would be just sooooo amazing! Every quarter I get so excited seeing what Mr. Shore will put out and I adore the upcoming pieces of the Mulan Storybook, the Three Fairies, Wendy Kissing Peter Pan, Mushu, Rapunzel carved by heart, Zootopia and have preordered them all! And have to say am just delighted with the whole Small World collection it’s just wonderful….I hope a Canadian Mountie, a figurine from Africa and the Cleopatra from Egypt come out next lol….but I babbled way too long….come to the forum and we can discuss more, hope to talk with you soon! take care!

Hi Julie

How did it go on Sunday? Did you get to meet him? What did he say?

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