Clint and Cheryl G.

Orlando, Florida

We left our house bright and early on October 1, 2016 to get to Disney Springs to meet Jim Shore and celebrate the launch of his new Hatbox Ghost figurine from the Haunted Mansion.

We live about 20 minutes away from Walt Disney World and my wife was 9 months pregnant at the time and could have gone into labor any day. We got to Disney Springs bright and early to head to the Art of Disney Springs store to meet Jim Shore and get in line to get the Hatbox Ghost figure, which was being released on that day. Only, we got to the Disney Springs parking garage and the wife stepped one foot outside of the van and stopped, looked at me and said get back in the car. Her water had broke! So long story short, we welcomed our beautiful baby girl Charlotte into the world later that day! Which surprisingly enough was Magic Kingdom’s 45th anniversary!

We later came back in November with our new baby Charlotte and finally got our Hatbox Ghost figure and got to meet Jim Shore! We told him all about the first attempt at getting our Hatbox Ghost figure and meeting him and he got a good laugh out of it. Jim was nice enough to let us pose for a few photos and signed my Hatbox Ghost figure! I have a few photos attached.

Thanks Jim!

Suzette M

Minneola, Florida

I first met Jim Shore in November of 2009. My first purchase was the Beauty and The Beast Christmas ornament set. When I first went to Jim’s signing it was at The Art of Disney at Walt Disney World where he signed the box top and the Lumiere ornament in the set. Since then Jim has become a part of our Christmas tradition. The holiday session officially kicks off for us with Jim’s visit to Florida. We meet him every November at Walt Disney World. His signing in Florida usually falls on my birthday which makes it even more fun when we plan our day. Our family has gone to Jim’s signings in Epcot and The Art of Disney. At the event we have him sign our newest piece.

My collection of Jim Shore pieces is not only limited to my own. After the first signing my daughter’s family started their collection growing so that they could bring pieces for Jim to sign each year. I started my twin granddaughters, who are now 11 years old, with the snow globe of Santa bending over the crib. Since then I buy them each a new piece every year and then we have that one signed.
In November of 2016 Jim signed all the remaining Beauty and The Beast Christmas ornaments so now my set is complete. He even signed the box. We have many of his pieces including Christmas themed, Halloween and many Disney characters.

It is always such a great day when we get to see Jim and have our pieces signed. He is so nice and warm to each guest as they visit with him. We love hearing his stories about different pieces as we have him sign. Jim has become part of our family through the years.

Sandro and Carla N

Oporto City, Portugal

My wife and I have been collecting for over one year. We first saw and heard about our beloved Jim Shore, through two good friends Rui and Sofia, when we saw their pieces we were absolutely in love. The first piece we’ve bought was Mrs. Potts and Chip, at a local retailer here in OPorto (Thank you very much Vania). The piece we love and cherish the most is “Summoning the stars 75th anniversary”.

We collect mostly Disney, but we love all Jim’s work, it’s so beautiful and amazing, Jim is a true craftsman. We would love to meet dear Jim in person, maybe someday he will come to Portugal, that would be simply a dream come true.

Best wishes from Porto, Portugal to all Jim Shore’s collectors all over the world.

Sharon R.

St. Charles, Missouri

image001My first Jim Shore figurine was a Christmas present from my supervisor, Donna.  It was a tall, slender old world Santa Claus.  I absolutely fell in love with it and was amazed by the  detail.  This was twelve years ago and I have been a Jim Shore addict every since!

At first I started out with just santa figurines.  Then branched out to snowmen & angels.  After that I discovered Wizard of Oz, Snow White & (of course) the Dwarfs, Peanuts, Disney, Boyd’s Bears, Woody & Buzz Lightyear and Mickey Mouse.  I also have seasonal/holiday figurines.  Especially like the seasonal baskets.  Can’t forget about the Easter & Halloween ones!  That doesn’t exclude any other piece that made me smile!!

All total I have eight cram packed full curio cabinets and 14 tall floor figurines.  If I were to pick my favorite the list would go on and on and on…..My husband said if I keep collecting at this pace we may need a bigger house!

My bucket list includes meeting Mr. Shore – possibly a signing at First Capitol Trading Post in St. Charles, MO – hint, hint!!

From a forever fan…..

Alaina D

Newton, Kansas

I have been collecting for over two years. My very first piece was the Chocolate Bunny With The Cart figurine. Once I held it in my hands I was hooked. I then started to track down the annual Easter baskets. I now have them all and they are some of my favorite pieces. 

My collection is diverse and I like to display my pieces within individual displays around the house. Mainly for Spring and Christmas.

 I have a separate collection for my boy Gus. Gus is my 17 1/2 year old Pug. His collection is growing and his first piece was the Pleasant

Pheasant. This piece is special to me because Gus’ prized possession is a stuffed pheasant he has had for over 16 years. He is the reason I

collect anything with Gus and Jaq because of Gus from Cinderella.

I absolutely love your larger pieces and am lucky to have a few in my collection. Please keep them coming.

Thank you for making these amazing works of art that I thoroughly enjoy. They are special.

Lindsey P.

Fife, Scotland

My husband gave me my first Jim Shore piece, Homeward Bound, as a Christmas gift in 2005, and I loved it so much, I decided right then to start a collection. Today, I have 439 Jim Shore Disney (and Disney Showcase) pieces on display in my home. In fact, I’m so addicted to Jim Shore’s Disney pieces, I even started my own Facebook group for other fans to share our mutual love of Jim Shore Disney.

I love every piece in my collection, but if I had to pick a favorite it would be the pieces from Beauty and the Beast because that is my all­time favorite Disney movie.

My dream is to meet Jim Shore in person. Jim, can you come to Scotland please?!

Kayla Z.

Quebec, Canada

I started collecting Jim Shore Disney pieces in 2008 when I was fresh out of high schooland working my first job back. A friend of mine worked in a collectibles shop, and when I went to visit her, I fell in love right away with the amazing Disney by Jim Shore. The colours, the details—everything just blew me away! My first piece by was Tinkerbell sitting on the moon, titled, “Moonlight and Magic.” I couldn’t leave the store without it.

I grew up in a family that loved Disney, and so Disney has been a passion of mine since I was a child. My room was always covered in Disney merchandise, and now at age 28, it’s still the same thing. I guess I took Peter Pan’s advice to heart and never grew up!

Three years ago, my collection really started to skyrocket. I got involved in many different Facebook groups and Instagram pages that promoted collecting and made a lot of friends along the way. I wanted to share my knowledge about collecting with other big Disney fans, so I now act as administrator the official Disney fan group for the blog Disney Displayed.

Today, I have about 150 pieces in my collection. It is nearly impossible to chose a favourite Jim Shore piece, but if I had to, it would have to be “Magic Carpet Ride.” This is a very old and rare piece, and it’s truly special because it’s Jim Shore’s only piece that features the character Aladdin. It’s a beautiful light­up, musical figurine that plays the tune Magic Carpet Ride. Another favourite is “A Dream is a Wish your Heart Makes,” another beautiful and rare piece that features Cinderella’s pink dress with small doors that open up to show Cinderella and Prince Charming dancing inside.

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Hello everyone my nameisMary Lopez I live in Palos HillsI llinois I really likeJim shores figurines I have several of his angels they areso beautiful

Hello My Name is Maribel Torres moved from Chicago IL to Orlando FL. I purchase my first Jim shore figurine of Belle and beast 25th Anniversary “Moonlight
Waltz, absolutely love this piece, I look forward in purchasing a few more in the future.

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