seasonal spotlight

Designed with Jim’s signature style, distinctive color palettes and unique finishing touches, these seasonal statements are perfect for home decorating and gift giving.

Peanuts Back To School

Heading back to school is always fun with the Peanuts gang!

Jim Shore Coca-Cola

New for Fall 2018! Share a Coke this holiday season

White Woodland

The woods are filled with adventure during warm summer days.

Easter Gifts

Hop into Spring with festive Jim Shore Easter Gifts. Enjoy an array of bunnies, angels, chicks, crosses and springtime gifts.

The Flintstones

The Flintstones produced by Hanna-Barbara, depicted the lives of working-class Stone Age man Fred Flintstone, his wife Wilma and daughter Pebbles, with next-door neighbor and best friend Barney Rubble. Jim Shore brings the imaginative series to life with a delightful figurine collection.

Dog Collection

Jim Shore’s canine creations are a time-honored tradition in his art. These adorable dogs representing five different breeds are decorated in Jim’s signature combination of quilt patterns and folk art designs.

Thanksgiving Décor

Jim Shore’s Thanksgiving centerpiece features the Mayflower as a backdrop for a heartfelt scene of the celebration on Plymouth Rock. Festive pint size and mini figurines are perfect accents on the table and throughout the home.

Looney Tunes

Jim Shore’s collection of personality poses captures the essence of the wacky cast of characters from Looney Tunes at a great price. From Bugs Bunny to Yosemite Sam, collect them all today!

Halloween Witches

From spooky witches that haunt the graveyard to sweet witches that share a smile, no one can stir up Halloween fun like Jim Shore!

Winter Wonderland

Jim Shore’s Winter Wonderland is filled with bright, beautiful colors with a touch of glittery accents and shimmery jeweltone finishes. Enjoy an array of whimsical snowmen, joyful Santas and uplifting angels in this glistening wonderland.

Breast Cancer Awareness

Celebrate the strength and courage of those fighting the battle against Breast Cancer with Jim Shore’s handcrafted figurines and ornaments sharing heartfelt words of encouragement. Jim Shore and Enesco donate 13% of net sales from these pieces to support The Rose in offering breast cancer screening, diagnostic services and treatment.

Disney Princess

Jim Shore’s Disney Princess figurines beautifully portray the beloved princesses in graceful poses that reflect their personality. In the skirt of each hand-crafted figurine is a magical castle inspired by the film.  Currently available: Elsa, Belle, Cinderella, Rapunzel, Ariel, Snow White and Aurora.

Peanuts The Great Pumpkin

Celebrating 50 years of It’s The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown, the whimsical Peanuts characters are all dressed up for Halloween and shines with the rich color and folk art motifs of Jim Shore.

The captivating piece featuring Linus in the pumpkin patch has the added touch of glow-in-the-dark paint on the moon and it even lights up!

Winter White Woodland

Celebrate the wonder of nature with Jim Shore’s peaceful soft white hand-crafted scenes featuring woodland friends. Each figurine is exquisitely detailed with Jim Shore’s signature quilt and rosemaling patterns. The flowing designs share the feeling of a gentle breeze and the wondrous glory found across the forest after a fresh snowfall.

Victorian Christmas

Holiday enchantment abounds in these richly colored and Victorian inspired pieces. Enjoy the elegant style of Jim Shore’s hand-crafted designs – complete with glistening sugary finishes.

River’s End Coastal Christmas

Inspired by found objects re-imagined as artistic treasures, Jim Shore’s seashell, sand an ocean life themes capture the rich memories of a simpler time in nostalgic, meaningful and magical pieces.

Whether you live on the coast or dream of sunny days on the beach, these hand-crafted treasures will brighten your day.

The Nightmare Before Christmas

Spooky scenes from Tim Burton’s classic holiday film “The Nightmare Before Christmas” are recreated by combining the haunting Disney characters with the artistry of Jim Shore.  Complete your display with Zero, Jack Skellington, Sally, Dr. Finkelstein, Sandy Claws and Lock, Shock and Barrel.

Peanuts Christmas Pageant

Jim Shore sets the stage with his festive series of Peanuts figurines that capture the miraculous story shared in the Peanuts Christmas special.   Starring Charlie Brown as Joseph, Lucy as Mary, Sally as the Angle, Snoopy as a shepherd and Woodstock as the little baby Jesus.  Linus, Schroeder and Franklin are proud Wise Men. Shepherds Marcie and Peppermint Patty are the latest addition to this joyful scene.



They are a resin which resembles carved wood.

hi; could you do a pegasus horse for your collection. also a collection of disney movie characters like moana, zootopia,fantasia, etc.

Claudia, Mr. Shore has done quite a few Fantasia figurines including a Fantastic carved by heart called Fantasia Symphony that came out in 2012 it’s amazing check out The Disney Group Forum and click on each movie by title and you will find each title of figurine made so far hope that helps! A Moana and Pua fig plus a Maui and Hei Hei come out in May 2017. I know Disney Traditions came out with amazing Hercules and Hades figurines this year but I would love to see a carved by heart with Pegasus, Panic, Chaos, Meg and Phil! Would be awesome! Mr. Shore does amazing Disney horses just look at the Disney Princess Carousel collection and Cinderellas Pumpkin carriage and horse so I hope he does a collection of the amazing horses from Disney movies like Pegasus from Hercules, would love to see a Phillipe with Maurice….maybe Maurice could be riding Phillipe and his lantern could light up, would love to see a Cyril from Mr. Toad, How about the mice from Cinderella as Horses all in a seated position during the transformation would be grand in a carved by heart, need a Khan with Mulan that’s a must as her horse is there throughout the entire movie and we need Ichabod Crane with Gunpowder and the headless horseman, plus a Pecos Bill and Widowmaker, would be awesome to do the horses from Frozen Sitron and Kjekk and also the most amazing Maximus from TANGLED…he needs to have his own carved by heart maybe him looking at the ranks of soldiers saluting him with frying pans! Mr. Shore does the most amazing art …..we just can’t wait to see what comes out next!!

Hi 🙂
Do you have a list of all the hanging ornaments that you do? Xxx

Where do I find the Rivers End Santa with Lighthouse?

Lea Anne you will only be able to find the Rivers End Santa with lighthouse on the secondary market at this time as he sold out fast but the ornament of the same Santa comes out in May 2017… So that might mean they will do a re-release of the original fig just keep an eye out. Also contact your local Enesco dealer as they might have access to stock that is still in small rural stores that do not sell online! Good luck!

How about making a Fall Eeyore. You have a lot for Winter and Valentines Day.

Oh my ! I want so many of these to add to my collection!

I would like to see you do a ROCKINGHORSE

Last year you had an angel music box…the bottom had the music box, and the top turned. Is it possible to still get this, and do you have a shop where we can order items?

Would you ever do a Cinderella in her rags. I have been looking for one for ages.

I have a mermaid collection that also 3 of yours. I am most interested in purchasing any more that you have or do. Will there be more? do you do one each year? I am relatively new to the Jim Shore world of mermaids. I also have your snowmen and Santas. Is there any way of getting info about new ones?

Love everything Jim does but want to know if he will be doing any country Christmas item I have all the winter white collection but need country thank you

could you please do a angel for ovarion cancer everything is breast cancer and believe I think of this as a very good cause but many of these are treatable and thank god for that but not hardly anything is done for ovarion cancer and it is a killer My youngest daughter has this and is fighting hard against it but the first thing we were told was life span of 3-5 years well on labor day of this year it will be four years so please make a angel to pray at leadt for more years

I am interested in becoming a Retailer of Jim Shore.

Are there any statue (over 16″ type) witches or cats this year? I do love the larger pieces.

any chance of the angels kit of the month kit being done again?

I am looking for Elf on a Shelf. Is it possible to find any of the pieces. They are so cute as Christmas decoration. ( I gave those I found as gifts)

I recently purchased the harvest angel statue offered thru and it was crushed to bits from no packing materials being used. Just one piece of bubble wrap in an oversized box. I ordered 3 times and each time she was in bits and pieces. I did manage to get the cornucopia after 2 orders. I used a brown marker to cover up the scuffs. Since it was not broken anywhere I said good enough and stopped trying to get the angel. Is there nothing that can be done to ensure things ordered have a safe journey. Why are these things not encased in styrofoam that fit their forms and double boxed? I wrote my concerns in the Lowes survey and they did not respond. I have been collecting the Jim Shores exclusive to Lowes for many years and it was sad to not be able to purchase them in the store and not to be able to get the angel due to breakage. My husband purchased me a limited edition snowman from the BX on Davis Montham AFB over the weekend and it was encased in foam and boxed properly right there in the store.

Can you please supply a list of stores in Gauteng Province South Africa who carry Jim Shore Christmas selection.

Last December (2017), I purchased the figurine, “Christmas Wishes Granted” 4058786 which depicts Santa in a Chair with List. There are names on the list but I cannot read them all as the list is narrow and curvy. I wanted to check with you to see if the following names are on it: Benji and/or Noah? I have 2 grandsons by those names! Would appreciate your response!
Thank you!

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